EMG Education’s Productions have been seen by over 50,000 Students so far! Hear what High School Principals & Teachers have been saying about EMG Education.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank EMG Production for an outstanding performance this morning. Both staff and students from Saint Joan of Arc have nothing but wonderful things to say about the performance and this was an excellent way to pay tribute to those that have impacted our lives in a positive manner. The following is a breakdown of the feedback that was provided:

  • Riveting performance because students can truly identify today’s social issues and how the past definitely plays a part in their life.
  • The message was very broad-based and had a very inclusive theme which all can identify with.
  • Very relevant to today’s youth – Out of all the presentations we had, this performance was the best one that was relevant to our youth.
  • Students were engaged and attentive.
  • 21 Century Learning at its best – just enough technology and true/raw drama that sends a strong message to kids.
    Love the pledge board – we will have it on display in our foyer along with our Black History Art work
Elisa Mastromartino

Vice Principal, Saint Joan of Arc Catholic High School

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for your wonderful production of Railroad to Freedom.  Our committee has received many glowing responses to your production! Many reports were from both staff and students of how much they enjoyed the production and how much they connected with the message. My administration was very impressed with your production as well and will contact you for further assemblies outside of the Black History Month Genre. Thank you for your wonderful production and continue to do the great work that you are all doing!”


Rochelle Stutz

Teacher, Castlebrooke Secondary School

“Thanks for all your work in facilitating the Railroad to Freedom production coming to Thomson. We’ve had rave reviews from both staff and students alike who say iat was one of the best assemblies at Thomson. After the assembly and you all left, several students stopped in the hall to sign “the pledge.” As the teacher, facilitator for the assembly, what I really appreciate about EMG is that it’s not just about giving a one-hour performance, it’s a full mentoring, teaching experience for students. EMG’s commitment to meeting with students ahead of the performance and incorporating their ideas and expertise into the assembly was brilliant, beautiful and unique. In that meeting EMG took time to train students and give constructive feedback so that their dance, drama and music pieces were stronger. That was a gift to the students.” Vilma

Teacher, David and Mary Thompson Collegiate Institute

“It was fantastic. I really like the way it ended. The whole idea of inclusion was great.” Grant

Teacher, Central Peel Secondary School

“Thanks, it was wonderful! Staff and students loved it.”

Maharukh Kootar

Vice Principal

“A very powerful presentation. Love the concept of integrating historical figures into a format that today’s young person can relate to and understand. Well done! I would recommend this presentation to others. The cast did a phenomenal job!”

Vice Principal

Central Peel Secondary School

“Bur Oak has been a buzz since the production. Students have been engaged in meaningful discussions of empowerment, equity, tolerance and respect. This production should be seen by all students because of its universal message. Lift as we climb.” George

Teacher, Bur Oak Secondary School

Nicole said, “When we first started to rehearse by ourselves, I didn’t think it was going to work. But it was awesome how it all worked out on the assembly day. Let’s do it again next year.”

Okeim says, “I feel proud to be part of ACE. Everyone says it was one of the best assemblies.” Students need role models in all fields. Meeting with professional actors/actresses and being on stage with them was an enriching experience for our Thomson students. They saw what was possible, and all want a similar assembly next year.” Nicole & Oheim

“Thank you to the team for a wonderful and engaging presentation. It was well presented and received by the kids…congratulations on a job well done.” Cheryl Marks

“Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic show at Dunbarton High School yesterday. The subject of inclusion and open mindedness was very well recieved and the students absolutely loved the performances. Being able to convey such an important message about diversity and discrimination while also being wonderfully entertaining is quite an accomplishment. I was very impressed with the performances and look forward to having you at DHS again.”

Hugh Mowbray

Teacher, Dunbarton High School

“I would like to thank the entire cast of the “Railroad to Freedom” production. The staff and students at Dunbarton High School enjoyed the informative and empowerng presentaton. The content, the style of production and the cast brought to light the achievements of black historical figures and significant individuals in our history. Through their story so much more was brought to light; issues on discrimination, bullying and the fact that knowledge is power. Their message was powerful and students at Dunbarton, a day after the performance, are still talking about it. Thank you for the value of your message and the ability to bring relevance of key issues to our students.”

Shelley Grey

Principal, Dunbarton High School

“The production was very well received by both staff and students!! It was amazing. Many of the students could relate to the characters and they were certainly captivated and attentive during the entire performances. My students indicated that they really enjoyed the production.” Arlene Higgins

Vice Principal, Alexander Mackenzie High School

“Your team came to Louise Arbour Secondary School this year showing “Railroad to Freedom”. Everybody has expressed delight with the performance and the message of the play. I still had teachers and students talking about it weeks after. Keep up the great job guys!”

Vice Principal

“The message of the presentation is timely and thought provoking. The presentation was so well done that students were engaged the entire time. Some of the comments we heard back from students and staff are as follows: from the administration” well worth the money”; from students “that was good”, “I like it”.

“The students learned about African Canadian history from a presentation that was riveting, engaging, and informative. It’s hard to engage teenagers, but EMG actors drew them into Ryan’s world. The audienced appreciated learning about Chloe Cooley, Viola Desmond, Maurice Ruddick, Richard Pierpoint, Donavan Bailey and the tribute to Nelson Mandela was timely and touching. Kudos to the cast and their awesome delivery of History Makers.


“Outstanding, interactive and educational performance. EMG used both comedy and drama to deliver important information about Black History Makers. Excellent presentation that I would highly recommend for a high school audience. We will book again for next year! Thank you.”

“A very informative production that grabs the attention of the audience…A must see.”

“We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to host the production of “Railroad to Freedom” at Michael Power/ St. Joseph CHS! Our students were absolutely captivated by the professional acting crew and especially by your message of F.R.E.E.D.O.M., inclusivity, peace, courage, anti – bullying and acceptance. Your message resonated powerfully with students and staff alike! We would be thrilled to host you at MPSJ once again! Thank you for enriching our community with greater awareness!!”

Bruno Oppedisano

Teacher, Michael Power St. Joseph Catholic High School

“Really grateful to you for performing at Lorne Park SS today. Yours was one of the best BHM events I’ve seen, in 10 years teaching high school. Great mix of information & entertainment.”

Monika De Souza

Teacher, Lorne Park Secondary School

“Sometimes a hero is hard to spot…he’s brave, he’s brilliant, he’s special.The tribute to Nelson Mandela was amazing and the way the production came to lite touching on all of the topics that are relevant to young people today was amazing. Overall the message was well received. Thanks for being apart of our community.” Debbie Richards

Blessed Pope John Paul

“The best production of this nature we have ever seen.”

Vice Principal

Heydon Park Secondary School

“The EMG presentation of Railroad to Freedom made the yearly observance of Black History into a thought provoking and engaging experience. Students were eager to discuss the issues raised by the presentation. They did not feel that they were preached at, but spoken to in a personal and provocative way. The use of audio visual aids to support the historical references made the presentation accessible to everyone. The students were invested in the story and thought that the actors were very skilled. Can’t wait to see next year’s production!”

“We had the pleasure of having EMG Education come to our school last year with their production ‘Railroad to Freedom’. By far, it was one of the best Black Heritage Assembly presentations we’ve ever had! The cast is compelling, the historical content was great and the message on diversity & acceptance was inspiring! This theatre company is highly recommended!”

“I would absolutely recommend EMG Education Productions to other high schools in Peel and the GTA. The performance was very engaging as our students were able to identify with the young actors on stage who were very passionate about their message.”

“Hello EMG Education Executive Team. On behalf of the organizing committee of the African Heritage Month activities, I would like to thank you for an excellent presentation. The presentation was dynamic as well as thoughtful. The message was clear and the use of the historical figures interspersed with the contemporary messages addressed our history in a relevant and interesting manner. Our administration felt that the presentation was worth the money…one member felt that the message was so well done she stayed for both assemblies. Thank you again for your punctuality and excellent work. We look forward to working with you again.” Carol-Ann