Railroad to Freedom

What is your school doing for Black History Month?

The RAILROAD TO FREEDOM Black History Theatrical Production will be touring Ontario this coming February 2015!

EMG Education’s RAILROAD TO FREEDOM is a Black History production from a Canadian perspective designed for high schools. We are in our 5th year of touring and have been seen by over 45,000 students with tremendous reviews! We are now booking our shows for this Black History month. We would love to bring this tour to your school!

Railroad to Freedom features four characters who are modern depictions of historical Black figures: Nelson Mandela, Herb Carnegie, Mary Ann Shadd, and Harriet Tubman. The characters, Nelson, Herb, Mary Ann and Araminta, are high school students working on a Black History assignment on the meaning of Freedom. Each of their stories intertwine as each character journey’s for one thing…Freedom.

F: Free From Ignorance
R: Reaching Out to Others
E: Embrace difference
E: Empowering Others
D: Dedication to Understanding
O: Openness to other cultures
M: Motivated to be the change

Themes: Diversity & Cultural acceptance, Bullying, Self Esteem & Self Worth


  • A multicultural cast of professional actors.
  • A hard hitting contemporary story with historical content.
  • Is a Canadian based production that introduces students to key figures in the fight for freedom.
  • Is written and directed by EMG Education whose productions have been seen by over 40,000 students with tremendous reviews.
  • Communicates a universal message of Diversity & Acceptance within the context of Black History
  • Has an underlying anti-bullying message and teaches students the detrimental consequences of hate and prejudice.
  • Provides students with a higher definition of freedom and the steps they can take to reach there.

The Package Includes

Each booking includes two 45 minute multimedia theatrical presentations, an interactive Game Show with Prize Giveaways to inspire students & reinforce learning, a special tribute to African Canadian Innovators, and A pledge board featuring the F.R.E.E.D.O.M. acronym as well the slogan, “Every Month is Black History Month”.  This pledge board is to be signed by all the students and displayed as a reminder of their commitment to take a stand for freedom.

For more information and/or to book History Makers, please call 416-477-5113 or email us at info@emgeducation.com.

“Thanks for all your work in facilitating the Railroad to Freedom production coming to Thomson. We’ve had rave reviews from both staff and students alike who say iat was one of the best assemblies at Thomson. After the assembly and you all left, several students stopped in the hall to sign “the pledge.” As the teacher, facilitator for the assembly, what I really appreciate about EMG is that it’s not just about giving a one-hour performance, it’s a full mentoring, teaching experience for students. EMG’s commitment to meeting with students ahead of the performance and incorporating their ideas and expertise into the assembly was brilliant, beautiful and unique. In that meeting EMG took time to train students and give constructive feedback so that their dance, drama and music pieces were stronger. That was a gift to the students.” – Vilma, David and Mary Thompson Collegiate Institute

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For More Information About Our Programs or to book, please call 416-477-5113 or email info@emgeducation.com