History Makers

History Makers is a dynamic Black History presentation that takes the audience through a historic relay race of different African Canadian patrons who have paved the way for Canadians today. The historical figure Chloe Cooley is Ryan’s guide on his journey of self discovery and empowerment. Through his venture, Ryan learns many things about African Canadian history as he meets up with , Richard Pierpoint (1744-1838), Viola Desmond (1914-1965), and Maurice Ruddick (1958-1988). Each historic figure challenges Ryan to see himself differently, through many heartfelt lessons learned along the way. Ryan discovers that everyday people are capable of making a difference no matter what race, gender or nationality. He is challenged to take the baton of life, run his race, and Make History!


  • Features a cast of professional young actors.
  • Is a hard hitting story with strong historical content.
  • Is a Canadian based production that introduces students to key figures in the Black history.
  • Is written and directed by EMG Education whose productions have been seen by thousands  of students and received tremendous reviews.
  • Inspires students to see that ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary things!

The Package Includes

Each booking includes two 50 minutes shows, an interactive game show, a multimedia presentation on African Canadian Innovators, and an invitation for students to interact with the presentation.

For more information and/or to book History Makers, please call 416-477-5113 or email us at info@emgeducation.com.

For More Information About Our Programs or to book, please call 416-477-5113 or email info@emgeducation.com