Be Me Challenge

In Fall/Winter 2016/2017, EMG Education will be challenging students across Ontario to answer the seemingly simple but important question… “Why Be you, when I can Be Me”
As school and community-based educators, we understand that helping young people develop positive self concept profoundly impacts their academic achievement and social relationships. Issues such as bullying, exclusion and discrimination make youth feel uncomfortable in their own skin and damage their self concept. That’s why we, at EMG Education have decided to launch the Be Me Challenge

Through a series of issue-based theatrical pieces, dynamic multi-media presentations and self-reflection assessments, youth will explore the beauty of being an individual able to resist peer pressure, self-injury, bullying, and to recognize & rebuild self-worth. In addition, the Be Me Challenge is an excellent catalyst for frank and constructive discussion between students and Teachers/ Guidance Counselors.

About the Presentation

The first assembly presentation offered in this package, available this fall, prompts students to examine and evaluate their self-perception, circle of influence and the motives behind their behaviours.

The Be Me Challenge features professional young actors, who through a series of hard hitting interconnecting skits and scenes, tackle the issues of Peer pressure, Body Image and Violence.. The scenes are connected through a fun and engaging video narrator who uses thought provoking questions, celebrity quotes, media images and clips to lay the foundation for each scene. Images and quotes from popular entertainers and public personality’s students encourage students to become media literate and be conscious of both subtle and overt messaging fed through the media.

The video introduction is then followed by very edgy live theatrical scenes that look at the issues of peer pressure in a hard hitting thought provoking way that resonates with students. They see the irony in the fact that those who inflict peer pressure and bullying are those who have been or still may be subject to the same action themselves.

The Be Me Challenge consists of three live interactive skits along with multimedia presentations that tackle the issues of Peer pressure (to have sex, drug & alcohol use, social bullying), Body Image (ie. Eating disorders, performance enhancing drugs, Media influence, depression) and Violence (domestic abuse, verbal and physical abuse and self inclicted abuse such as cutting)

A wonderful feature about the about the Be Me Challenge is that between scenes the video narrator has the ability to pause. rewind, and replay the live scenes allowing the student audience to get interactively involved, allowing them to evaluate what they are seeing and allows them to form their own opinions by seeing the issues that plague them on a daily basis from an objective point of view.

The production ends with the student body being empowered to embrace the right and responsibilities that they have to stand against peer pressure, bullying, abuse and their own destructive thoughts and behaviours Finally, lead by the team of professional actors they are encouraged to make the following declarations over their lives:
I am beautiful, I am brilliant, I am capable, I am strong, I am a survivor, I have purpose, I am valuable, I am loved, I am somebody!

Why be You, When I Can Be Me!

The Package Includes

Two 50 minute multimedia presentations, self-assessment package and the “Be Me Affirmation” mounted pledge board. For more information and/or to book call 416-477-5113 or email

For More Information About Our Programs or to book, please call 416-477-5113 or email