EMG Education: Building Character and Building Success Through the Performing Arts

About EMG Education

EMG Education is a cutting edge theatrical company that utilizes all facets of the arts to unlock the imaginations of students across Canada. Our mission is to usher in a unique global brand of character building, educational theatre that addresses contemporary social issues through the performing arts.

EMG Education is proud to be an approved TDSB Vendor that has toured extensively over the past 4 years and has been seen by over 40,000 students! The reviews have been tremendous and overwhelming! Thank you so much!

By popular demand we’re back for another black history month season (Jan 27th-Mar 7th) and would love to have your school on board for this exciting journey!


Browse our offerings:

  1. Railroad to Freedom: Railroad to Freedom is a multimedia theatrical presentation that chronicles the leaders and events of Black History from a Canadian context.  Read More.
  2. The Be Me Challenge: The first assembly presentation offered in this package, available this fall, prompts students to examine and evaluate their self-perception, circle of influence and the motives behind their behaviours. Read More.
  3. History Makers: History Makers is the latest production from EMG Education and is exclusively being offered to schools who have previously had Railroad to Freedom performed at their school. Read More.

For More Information About Our Programs or to book, please call 416-477-5113 or email info@emgeducation.com