EMG Education: Building Character and Building Success Through the Performing Arts

Railroad to Freedom

Railroad to Freedom is a Black History production designed for high schools. As a modern day narrative, it chronicles the history and events of Black leaders throughout history within a Canadian context. Railroad to Freedom has toured across the GTA and received tremendous reviews! It’s backdrop takes place at the fictional William Hall High School and unfolds with students whose stories intertwine as each of them journey in their search for one thing…Freedom. Continue Reading.

History Makers

History Makers is a Black History production designed for high schools who have already seen Railroad to Freedom. History Makers introduces students to key African Canadian figures that have helped to make history in some way or another. By the end, students come to understand that each one of us has the power to make history in our schools and communities. Continue Reading.

Be Me Challenge

Fall/Winter 2014 EMG Education will be challenging students across Ontario to answer the seemingly simple but important question…”Why be you when I can Be Me?” As school and community based educators, we understand that helping young people develop a positive self concept profoundly impacts their academic achievement and social relationships. Continue Reading.

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